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     This website has been designed to assist you in understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He taught the true gospel – the gospel of the Kingdom of God. This gospel, taught by Jesus Christ, is a message about God’s purpose for creating the human race in the first place - that of expanding His family and making it possible for mankind to inherit eternal life as a member of that family. Salvation is a personal issue, between a man or woman and God (Philippians 2:12).

     Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we can understand the Scriptures (1Corinthians 2:10-16). And as the Bible is the Word of God in print, we hear what it has to say about God's Church.  Jesus continues to build His Church (Matthew 16:18), as the Temple of the Lord is not yet complete. In the New Testament, His church is named, "Church of God" for it is a spiritual organism and not an organization of men.  It is the Body of Christ, of which Jesus Christ is the Head. Therefore, we are all instructed to grow into the grace and knowledge of our Savior – Jesus Christ (2Peter3:18).  Please use this website to “put on Christ”.


 Trending and Significant by Guest Commentator: Stephen LeBlanc of COG-eim - Aug 20, 2017

Germany is a powerful nation, having an immense impact on Europe, and much of the world. Here are facts worth knowing concerning Germany:
●By a wide margin, Germany is the world’s #1 exporter of cars: Cars are the world’s number one export product, besting crude petroleum revenues which have been handicapped by sinking oil prices. Last year’s 3 largest exporters of cars in dollar value were: Germany: US$151.9 billion (21.8% of total car exports), Japan: $91.9 billion (13.2%), the United States: $53.8 billion (7.7%)
●Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world—America has the largest economy—followed by China—then Japan–then Germany.
●Germany has the largest economy in the whole of Europe—by the way, its economy is far larger, and more powerful than the Russian economy.
●Germany is the world’s No. 3 arms exporter, after the United States and Russia –(most people are amazed at this stat)– Israel and Saudi Arabia, are among Germany’s elite customers. So are Algeria, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
●The Israeli Navy presently maintains a fleet of five state-of-the-art German underwater submarines of the Dolphin Class, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads, with a sixth due for delivery this year. Germany makes some of the world’s most advanced high-tech submarines.
●Approximately 30.8 per cent of Germans, or 24.7 million people, are Catholics, while 30.3 per cent, or 24.3 million people, are Protestants. German citizens give billions of dollars every year to the Catholic Church.
●There are approximately 117,000 Jews living in Germany today, compared with 475,000 Jews living in France.
●Did you know that Germany is home to the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey in the world –there are nearly 3.5 million Turks who live in Germany.
●Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called Germany’s ruling politicians “enemies of Turkey” who deserve to be rejected by German-Turkish voters. Germany will hold a general election on September 24th; about one million ethnic Turks living in Germany can vote in that election.
●Here is a strange fact: Germany has one of the lowest birthrates in the world. You might say there is a scarcity of children in Germany. Over the past 20 years, about 2,000 schools were closed in Germany because of a scarcity of children.
●Deutsche Bank is Germany’s biggest bank, and the second-largest bank in Europe, Deutsche Bank is not doing well. This matters. Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s 10 largest banks in terms of total assets– the International Monetary Fund has said it’s “the most important net contributor to systemic risks” to the global financial system. So, if Deutsche Bank gets into trouble, this will shake the world financial markets…we will have more to say about Deutsche Bank in upcoming radio broadcasts.
●Deutsche Bank holds the world’s largest high-risk derivatives book—its portfolio of financial deals based on the value of other assets. It peaked at over $75 trillion. This position is very high risk.


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God's Love of Covenant
- Sermon Series

      Guest Speaker: Steven LeBlanc of COG-eim
"A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and a person or group of people. God sets specific conditions, and He promises to bless us as we obey those conditions. When we choose not to keep covenants, we cannot receive the blessings, and in some instances we suffer a penalty as a consequence of our disobedience."

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